The Bold series developed from my fascination with laser cutting technology. With the use of a laser, you can cut a form or pattern in sheet metal with extreme accuracy. This technology allows you to handle the sheet very efficiently with very little wastage.

“A good product design should be a memorable process for the designer and meaningful for its user. Good design should be self explanatory.”
Roderick Vos




Roderick Vos (Groningen, The Netherlands 5 Febr. ’65) started his study of Industrial Design at the currently known “Design Academy” in Eindhoven The Netherlands in 1984. At ’87 he moves to Japan for 8 months, where he finds an excellent tutor in GK Industrial Associates/Tokyo, founded by Kenji Ekuan. Partly Asian himself, this particular period gave evidently a larger impact for his personal interest in Asian Culture and it’s products. In 1990 he graduates at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (division men & living), and starts together with his partner Claire Vos, an industrial designer too, his design office ‘Studio Roderick Vos’ , based in s’Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Los tonos de los materiales en imagen pueden variar a la realidad.

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51x21x38cm, 76x21x40cm, 92x36x103cm


Roderick Vos


Black, Silk