Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble, designed by Marcel Wanders studio, is an airy and joyful suspension lamp. Available in two sizes, with either 7 or 11 glass LED bubbles in oil-iridescent or frosted versions. Hubble Bubble can be hung both horizontally and vertically and is powered through Electrosandwich® by Marcel Wanders. Hubble Bubble is the cheery statement piece in your home that can hang from any angle.





indoor / outdoorIndoor
material description: Metal frame, polycarbonate light guides and glass bulbs
assembly required: yes
energy label: B
installation required: yes
light source type: LED
light source included: yes
number of light source: 11
shape: Round
input voltage;220-240V
frequency: 50/60Hz
power consumption: MAX 20 W
dimmable: yes
lamp holder type: LED (Solid state)
lifetime: 50000 hours
colour temperature: 2700K
CRI: 93
light direction: All directions
light output: 530 Lumen
NO 0.43
efficiency: 26.5
power consumption: 17
width: 99 cm
height: 102 cm
depth: 10 cm
length: 250 cm
colour: Transparent with tinned cores
width: 35 cm
height:4 cm
depth:10 cm
name: Matching metal rectangle
colour: Nickel
Packaging: 11
weight: 1.5 kg
width:86.3 cm
height:15 cm
length:91.3 cm
cubage: 0.12 m3
Dimensions :11
weight:1.5 kg
width:99 cm
height:102 cm
depth:10 cm
Packaging Spheres: 11
weight:1 kg
width:25.5 cm
height:31 cm
length:85 cm
cubage: 0.07 m3
Dimensions Spheres: 11
weight:1 kg
width:99 cm
height:102 cm
depth:10 cm
Shipping: 4-6weeks Customised: 12-14weeks Subject to Availability

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