Cadrea Barstool

Just like a Madeleine de Proust, Cadrea bears the well-known form of a bistro chair, of which it maintains the comfort and ease of handling typical of a daily-use object, combined with the freshness of a completely refurbished, contemporary design. Cadrea has the essential elements necessary to meet the requirements of a home, either indoor or outdoor, but they also fit perfectly in a restaurant or in a cafe. Cadrea is a polypropylene and fiberglass monoblock characterized by being lightweight, resistant to light and weather proof.  The available palette of colours ranges from white to light brown and from dark brown to black, with the addition of a surprisingly elegant dark green.




Country of Manufacture: China

Product dimension: 17x17x30

Weight(Ib): 11

Shipping weight(Ib): 13

Material: Polypropylene

Shipping: 4-6weeks

Customized: 12-14weeks

Subject to Availability

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