Bart Armchair (Swivel)

The Bart Armchair brings a friendly sort of grandeur to your home. This single-seater does the rounded shapes of the Bart family even more justice, especially with the optional swivel foot that makes a circular motion. Having a conversation or to inspired to sit still? Swivel your Bart Armchair around and enjoy another point of view! If you prefer a more solid setup, the Bart Armchair is available with slanted wooden legs (canape) and without.




General indoor / outdoor:Indoor

material description: Wooden frame covered in foam and dacron, foam seat.
height armrest: 60 cm
seat depth:69 cm
seat height:42 cm
seat width:82 cm
weight:39 kg
width:95 cm
height:60 cm
depth:95 cm
weight:39 kg
width:102 cm
height:63 cm
length:104 cm
cubage:0.67 m3
Shipping: 4-6weeks Customised: 12-14weeks Subject to Availability

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